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Welcome dear friend with hearing loss

You are seeking help for your hearing loss that few people understand. Come on in and join our unique family. You will find love, patience and understanding. You will find a group of people that care about you and understand your hearing loss.

You have come to our website because you need answers regarding your hearing loss. Your heart is heavy and broken because others may think you don’t have a problem. You will find comfort and prayer from others who struggle with hearing loss like you.

We don’t have all the answers, but together we will try to find solutions for your special need. We care about you and want to be your friend.

With Christian Love,

David & Cathy Harrison

Helping people who have lost hearing and want to regain communication skills through technology, training and lip reading.

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Hearing Loss is a Massive Mission Field for the Church

   Hearing Loss is a Massive Mission Field for the Church           Join my mailing list Hearing Loss is a massive mission field for the church. What will it take for the church to realize that friends with hearing loss compose the largest untapped mission field in America? More than 50 million Americans suffer mild to moderate hearing loss. This number is rapidly moving up to 100 million due to self-infliction1 hearing loss. ...
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Don’t Miss the Deadline for the Hearing Loss Rehab Institute

Attend the Hearing Loss Rehab Institute and                         GET THE HELP YOU NEED FOR YOUR HEARING LOSS We are now inviting people with hearing loss to attend the one day Hearing Loss Rehab Institute, which provides valuable teaching to hearing impaired. Hearing loss is considered one of the largest disability groups of people in America. WHAT: Hearing Loss Rehab Institute is conducting a one day workshop for friends who su ...
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